People who read their horoscopes as a form of self-discovery or follow the best astrologers in New York are likely to have a good understanding of their sun sign.

For example, you probably already know your rising sign and the meaning of your moon sign.

Furthermore, you may be aware of the other planets in your birth chart and the other houses in your chart. Astrology can give you an idea of what might lie ahead for you, in terms of both difficulties and possibilities.

It’s not about Nostradamus-style predictions, but rather about providing you with a heads-up about the kinds of challenges and opportunities that may come your way.

You may find it fascinating to learn more about the mathematics behind individual daily horoscope predictions and how accurate they can be. As you study a transit map, you’ll notice many references to “transits.”

In astrology, transit refers to the movement of planets through the sky and how this affects your birth chart. To learn more about transits and how they impact you, keep reading.

In Astrology, What Is A “Transit”?

Transits, as the name suggests, are a way to understand the planets’ continual motion as it passes through the horoscope and into everyday life. The majority of this is done for a person’s birth or natal chart. Jupiter and Saturn’s returns are the most important in a person’s life.

You experience a Saturn return every 28 or 29 years, which has a profound effect on your personality.

Reflection, change, and growth occur as a result. It’s a time of significant personal development. Your growth will be affected if Jupiter returns as well. These occur once every twelve years.

An astrologer in California can use your natal chart to reveal a lot about your personality and how it was shaped by the circumstances surrounding your birth. This information can help you understand yourself better and find out what your true path in life is.

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